Free Royal Pass Seanson 7 | PUBG Mobile Royal Pass | 100% Working Trick

Free Royal Pass Seanson 7 | PUBG Mobile Royal Pass | 100% Working Trick 

How to buy a Royal Pass 

PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile  Season 7 Start Tomorrow. I will tech you how to get a free Royal pass.PUBG Mobile Season 6 follows a "Cyberpunk" theme, which includes new cosmetics and items. Did you run into a financial issue or are you having trouble in buying the new royal pass? We have got you covered. Google opinion rewards is an option through which you can earn Google Play or PayPal balance.

PUBG Mobile requires 600 UC($10) for switching over to the royale pass. PUBG Mobile has introduced official methods through which you can earn UC. One of those is the new PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge to earn points and redeem cosmetic rewards, items or UC packs. Though today we are going to talk about the google opinion rewards method.

Google Opinion Rewards is simple. You provide info about a place in a short survey. Each time you do that, you earn a cash reward. Stack it up and it can be used to buy PUBG mobile royale pass. You can earn more rewards by visiting more places. It doesn't matter if it's far away or just your local shop or club.

Providing quick info about a place will get you a reward while acting as a reference for people who want to visit the place. If you are one of those people who likes to travel a lot, visiting different places, then Google Opinion Rewards is the best way for you. But if you tend to spend your time on PUBG Mobile, then use the Bonus Challenge.

Get Free Royal Pass


1. You need to remove your account in play store 


2. Go to play Store App info > Storage the clear data


3. Now Login Your Gmail account which two month old.


Now you need to open Your PUBG Mobile. Login with your account that you have already. after login in pubg mobile. You need you buy 60UC When you click on 60UC open Google play pop up Screen. Then Click on buy. The you need to need your gmail password. Here, you should wait for 5 seconds and press back without entering the password. Now, Another Pop-up screen will appear asking if you have forgotten your Google Password.  Click on No Thanks. Now you get free Royal Pass Season 7.

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